My Grand-Pere’s World

For more than half a century, my grandfather has spent every spare moment exploring the world, and photographing his journey. 80 countries. 20,000 high-quality, old-fashioned slides. Now each day, thanks to our digital world (and with a little help from his grandson!) he can share those places and faces and memories of a life well-traveled.

The Diamond Inn

United Kingdom 2017-03-24 12:45:30

The half-timbered Feathers Hotel in Ludlow, western England, is a gem of Tudor architecture. Strangely enough, when I took this picture, all I could think of was the time it must take to clean the inn's dozens of diamond-paneled windows ... See more slides from My Grand-Père's World.

Cod's Country

Norway 2017-03-22 12:24:54

It is cold in the Lofoten islands of Norway, even in the summer. Not so cold that the fish freezes — just cold enough that salted cod can dry on racks in the sun and wind without rotting. The resulting delicacy, klippfisk, is pretty darn good. See more slides from My Grand-Père's World.

Gilded Guardian

Thailand 2017-03-20 12:49:50

Behold this mighty Kinnari statue, half-human and half-bird, keeping an eye on Bangkok's holy Wat Phra Kaew temple. See more slides from My Grand-Père's World here.

Garden Of Mormon Eden

United States 2017-03-16 13:20:44

Taking a break from visiting Salt Lake City's landmarks (including the Salt Lake Temple you can see in the background of this picture), we enjoyed a nice walk in the lush gardens at Temple Square. See more slides from My Grand-Père's World here.

Fruits Of Labor

Brazil 2017-03-14 12:24:45

Brazil is a major banana-producing country. In Belem, the gateway to the River Amazon in the north of the country, these dock workers were unloading the day's cargo destined for city markets. See more slides from My Grand-Père's World here.

Pillar Of Faith

Syria 2017-03-10 11:14:36

Among the ruins of one of the world's oldest surviving Byzantine churches, about 30 kilometers northwest of Aleppo, stand the remains of the pillar of Saint Simeon Stylites. The fifth-century ascetic monk is said to have lived 37 years as a hermit, perched on a platform at the top of a column. More than 1,500 years later, the site still attracted pilgrims and tourists, including this nun snapping a photo of the pillar. More than 40 years later, last May 12, the church was reportedly heavily damaged in an airstrike in the ongoing Syrian war. See more slides from My Grand-Père's World here.

A La Claire Fontaine

France 2017-03-08 12:03:48

There are several such typical watering holes and fountains along the winding roads of Corsica. They come in handy when your daughter is thirsty. See more slides from My Grand-Père's World here.

Tito's Employment Agency

France 2017-03-06 11:25:59

During the Tito-era of communist rule in then-Yugoslavia, agricultural workers gathered every morning, tools in hand, and waited for someone to hire them for the day.

North By Norway

Norway 2017-03-03 12:24:00

This was the end of the road for us: Driving with my family from France in our Peugeot 404, our goal was to go as far north as possible, by way of Denmark and Sweden. What I didn't know was that back then, about 100 kilometers north of the Norwegian capital Oslo, roads were in really, really dire condition. So when we made it up to Narvik, my car's tires, windshield and rearview mirrors told me it was time to head back. A couple of years — and asphalt layers — later, we tried again and made it to all the way up to Cape North, at the northern extreme of Norway. See more slides from My Grand-Père's World here.

Quiet Mule And Barking Dogs

Spain 2017-03-01 10:05:24

We traveled to the historical Spanish region known as Old Castile to soak in some of its timeless quiet for a night in the only hotel of a small village. A pack of howling stray dogs decided otherwise ... See more slides from My Grand-Père's World here.