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How Did Turkey Become Isolated So Quickly?

It wasn't long ago that Turkey was a nation envied around the world for growing freedoms and ...

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In Trump’s America, Checks And Balances Are Doing Their Job

Fascism fears were greatly exaggerated in a system that puts limits on any individual's power.


Seniority TV! Why We Need More Old Folk On The Small Screen

Innovative television programming could be challenging the dominance of youth on television in Ar...


Populists v. Elites: Lessons From Germany, Past And Present

-OpEd- BERLIN — The rise of populists has given way to an alarming reaction among so-called elites. Many of them are blaming themselves for not having considered those who have been "left ...


True Fiction: Melania Says Basta! The Former First Lady’s Secret In Milan

Two months into Donald Trump's presidency, we already know more — real or fake — than many care to know. But as far as Slovenian-born First Lady Melania Trump, remarkably little has been said or ...


One Year Later, The Meaning of Brussels

The anniversary of the March 22, 2016 terrorist attacks is a time to reflect on the humanity of t...


If Trump Kills NAFTA, "Modern Mexico" May End Up Dead Too

For the ordinary Mexican, the free-trade agreement has been a chance to build a modern country ba...


Wake Up Brazil! They’re Killing The Amazon Rainforest Again

-OpEd- SÃO PAULO — Any Catholic who has attended mass since Ash Wednesday will have noticed that the Church in Brazil is very concerned about the country's environment. For the second year ...


Alternative Path To Middle East Peace? Israel Should Join EU

It is high time to provide a new perspective for Israel and offer the country a membership in the...


Berlusconi Lessons Two Months Into The Trump Era

What Silvio Berlusconi's 20-year hold on Italy tells those looking to bring down (as fast as ...


On Labor, Language And Headscarves

-Analysis- Most talk of the "changing nature of work" focuses on the shift to freelance labor, the fracturing of traditional office culture and the entitlement of pesky millennials entering the ...


Turkey And Europe, Time To Take Erdogan To Task

The Turkish president is using Europe to stoke nationalist sentiment back at home before a refere...


Experts Agree, It's A Small World After All

-Essay- For the record, I am writing this from home. On a late winter Monday, with most of our crew either off-the-clock or working remotely, I decided to spare myself (and a few others) the ...


How To Stop Trump From Creating The World's Biggest Tax Haven

With its new president, the United States may now become a massive new fiscal haven for global co...

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No Mr. Trump, The Art Of The Deal Won’​t Work For Diplomacy

The new U.S. president might want to think twice about taking a business-world approach to intern...


Venezuelan Folly, From Oil Riches to Food Beggary

Venezuela is one of a handful of petrol states that imagined they could live it up forever off cr...


How A "Dumb Phone" Can Save Us From Drowning In Technology

Feel the novelty fatigue growing inside? But it is not just the vintage feel of the reissued Noki...


Trump May Be The Wake-up Call Mexico Needs

But for some, politicians' rising calls for unity ring hollow.


Should Colombia Save Its Drug Smugglers From Execution Abroad?

Repatriating people like Ismael Arciniegas, a Colombian executed in China for drug smuggling, cou...


Zuckerberg’s Megalomania, A Big Brother Of Good Intentions

The Facebook founder's recent self-important manifesto reads like comedy, until we see how it...


The 2017 Academy Awkwards, From La La Land To Pa-ree

PARIS — There’s no fixed running time for the Academy Awards ceremony. If you live on the East Coast, and are not a night owl, you may very well have not made it last night to Best Picture. It’s ...

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Working Class Of America Beware, Trump Will Sell You Out

-OpEd- WASHINGTON — For many months on the campaign trail, Donald Trump sent a clear message about his fellow Republicans: Ideologically, I'm not one of them. This wasn't just true on trade, ...